Using faith and strength to overcome being a victim of sexual assault.


"Inside the office with Michelle Corrao: Leading from pain to a place of praise ."

Huffington Post 8/20/2017

"The fact that Michelle is not only a survivor but an advocate was the strongest aspect of this training.  She was able to address questions from both sides of the “world”."

National Center for Victims of Crime - Participant 2016

"Hearing Michelle's story 1st hand really makes a difference and is an eye opener as to what victims truly go through..."

National Guard Sexual Assault Training - Participant 2014

Michelle's Story

"Using faith and with the support of my family, my mission is to try and help those who have also been victimized.  It is my hope I can provide some strength for anyone who has ever faced abuse or assault and communicate they are not alone."  - Michelle 

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